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The Origin of Chandos Grid

Chandos Grid is the philosophical component of the Epic Poem Chandos Ring. Chandos Grid is the intellectual discussion of consciousness that comes to grips with the new world presented in the Epic Poem Chandos Ring. While ostensibly an introduction to the epic poem, Chandos Grid is a stand-alone text of the nature of human consciousness.

Mark Chandos

          Mark Chandos

The basic thesis of Chandos Grid is that the universe of matter will not be understood until consciousness is understood. That is a statement that has never before been made in the history of intellectual thought. Everything the modern world takes for granted is wrong. This is a crisis in human thinking about itself. We must modify our human consciousness or disappear from this dimension of sentience. We must learn how to become a space faring civilization. It is no longer possible to plan to perpetually live on a dying Earth.

A new language must be discovered in the human condition. Every new philosophy, every new science, every new math, calls for a new linguistic development. There is no advance in human sentience unless there is corresponding advance in human language.

For this reason I insist that poetry is more important than the prose of science or the equations of math. That’s a big statement. Can it be sustained?

Men do not think – they use language to find their way in the dark. Humans make story inside the dark. Chandos Grid reveals the principles of human conceptualization. I have called this philosophical condition Story Theory. It will change the human concept of what is human. With Story Theory, we discover the human singularity. The human singularity is not tool making; it is story-making.

Story Theory is simple and acute in its method of discovery. There are no phenomena observable outside of consciousness. First, it is impossible to discover anything outside of, or independent of consciousness. Second, everything within consciousness can be manipulated by sentience. Therefore, any claim to any independently existing observed phenomenon, any supposed discovery that is external of human consciousness, is a poetic representation of fact – a narrative of someone’s text – a form of literature. Science, by application of these two rules, becomes a poem made by a human.

What does this mean? It is a significance that corrects the modern presumptions of reality. If there is no empirical data – if there is nothing that cannot be modified by the sentience of the observer – then the claims of science as a final authority of human life are no longer tenable

The unavoidable element of consciousness is that the observer must make a translation of what he thinks he sees or knows. In both classical and quantum physics, an interpretation is needed. Any act of human interpretation is an immediate and unavoidable transition to Story Theory. In classical physics, we regard the interpretation to be self-evident because the supposedly independent objects are assumed to be directly perceivable with the human senses. That is, the classical scientist insists that the objects he observes exist independently of his own sentience – and thus these supposed separate objects have new information to reveal to human observers. In quantum physics, the necessary interpretation is made when the human observer collapses the wave function into a single point and fixes its position. In other words, a human observer changed the observed with his mind. One conclusion is made. Whether you are a materialist, a scientist, an agnostic, a spiritualist, an academic, or a parasite – a sentient interpretation of phenomena – is required to be crafted by the sentient perceiver. Either way, I can proceed with a verification of Story Theory.

We observe – we believe we observe – that there are men and other sentient creatures, not because material bodies are the final source of a supposed person-hood – but because we have heard stories men have made of their lives - within consciousness. This book will verify there can be no perception of consciousness until there is a condition that summons phenomena into being.

Consciousness is a condition – not a thing. Anything inside of consciousness is due to a condition of consciousness. This is to say, that anything perceived by our consciousness is able to be modified, manipulated, or transformed by our own acts of sentience. Consciousness then, is closer to magic than to an empirical event. What appears to the eyes is never – not for a moment – an independently existing object – since all things can be modified by the sentience of the conscious observer. This is Story Theory. All men live according to Story Theory.

If you can assemble the following observed elements of Story Theory into one elegant idea – then you can have the answer of how the universe exists, when it exists, and why it exists. These are the facts that are explored by Chandos Grid. It will be noted that there are no other facts of consciousness than the following:

  1. Singularities only occur at the center of Black Holes and at the moment of a Big Bang. Thus they are connected.

  2. Electrons within the atom orbit at the same exact trajectories as stellar objects orbiting Black Holes – thus they are connected. The motions and conditions inside of our atoms and the vibrations of the stars are connected.

  3. There are as many neurons in the brain as there are stars in each galaxy.

  4. Anything the human mind intently focuses on – modifies and becomes animated. To look for a phenomenon is to create the phenomenon. The act of looking takes the form of language. Language finds the object of its focus – not by discovery of some thing that was there before – but rather, newly modified, newly ordered space and time forms around the observation of the phenomena sought. Therefore all science, all observation, is a form of poetry.

  5. To speak a language is an act of making a world appear from the same peculiarity of the language. Mathematicians see math. Psychologists see psychology. Taxidermists see taxidermy. Lovers see love of the beloved. People wishing to buy Volkswagens suddenly see Volkswagens everywhere. Hate breeds hate, etc. Science makes a space for science – math makes room for more math, etc - exponentially.

  6. Are there other phenomena outside of human consciousness? This is impossible. If there were something outside of consciousness – how would you perceive it? Therefore, nothing new can be discovered with our consciousness – unless we fulfill the requirements of observation that create the supposed phenomenon.

  7. Consciousness contains a bias towards life and other forms of life. What is the necessity? Consciousness is never indifferent. Sentience is aggressive. Why?

  8. The time required for the expansion of the physical universe is known exactly: It expands exactly as fast as an idea expands with space and time in consciousness. Think of a military battle from history books. How long did it take for you to picture this battle in your mind? See the point? The Big Bang expanded at the same speed as a thought in consciousness – and is confirmed by mathematical speculation

  9. Consciousness represents a condition rather than a physical reality. Even normal physical reality is utterly dependant upon a condition of elements. Life on Earth only exists because there is a stabilization of temperature within a specific spectrum. There must be only a specific range of elements – as oxygen, nitrogen, etc. Consciousness, likewise, is not a thing that can be objectified as self contained. Consciousness is a condition – and a condition, moreover, already responding to an unperceived location of force.

  10. If life can be modified by consciousness, then so can death. Both life and death occur within consciousness – not outside of consciousness. Thus both are conditional concepts able to be modified to meet the conditions of sentience.

What philosophic breakthrough shares these ten elements? This is the purpose of Chandos Grid – to make a giant breakthrough in human consciousness.

Physical matter will not be understood until consciousness is understood.